I KonMari'ed my life and spent Friday night re-folding my socks

And now I have five shirts left. And they are all black or white. And I love every single one of them. 

At the beginning of the year, an unwritten resolution of mine was to downsize. I needed to minimize and do away with anything unnecessary that caused me additional anxiety. Who wants more stress in their life anyway? Somewhere in my mind, my subconscious knew I needed this and added The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to my Amazon shopping card in late December. I devoured it on a business trip and haven't looked back since. Currently on step three of the four-part cleansing process, I finally understand the art of quality over quantity. I truly love the few things I own, rather than own a ton of things I couldn't care less about. Downsizing your life is freeing, it is empowering and it is magical.

'Eff the Scale and other thoughts on numbers

So this past week, on my very worst day (I binged for lunch and completely skipped my morning workout, crabby beyond death and drank like zero water all day) I stepped on the scale. Why? I'm not sure. Probably just to make myself feel even worse for some convoluted reason. Whatever. But the results were not in tune with my mood/motivation for the day. I lost SIX EFFING POUNDS. In one week. WTF.  How is this even possible?

And even more strange, I decided to torture myself for another day and stepped on the scale last Saturday after a few great days of good eating and productive workouts. Gained all of it back. All six pounds, sitting right there, back on the scale. Staring back at me down there on the readout. Just mocking me. If the scale could have spoken, I believe it would have whispered in a conniving voice, "Ha ha. You thought you had this whole thing figured out. Think again, fatass." 

So, I'm taking the advice of the great Lisa Rambo, Biggest Loser Queen of the World and someone who greatly inspired me early in my weightless journey. "Don't Quit You." Don't quit. You are worth so much more than a number on the scale. It doesn't measure your happiness on the days you workout and feel super accomplished. It can't measure that awesome meal you made the other night that was healthy and delicious. The number on that scale is merely a numerical representation of your body's physical relationship to gravity. Nothing more and nothing less. 

So forget it. I'm not weighing myself until the end of February. Eat your heart out, scale. I'll see you at the end of the month.

Weekly Goals: Consistency, Positivity & Progress

Winter is pretty sometimes. Cold and absolutely shitty, but also kinda pretty. #imapoetandididntevenknowit

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Week one of this crazy new year. Well, the beginning of week three technically... I've been a bit off, traveling for week and what not, so I'm already a little behind on the game. Never fear, this week's goals will (hopefully!) combat my earlier bouts of procrastination and help start this year off on the right foot. 

Consistency: I've made a workout schedule (included below). My first goal this week is to stick to it diligently. It involves some winter running (slippery!), a few trips to my new gym (scary!) and working out a bit earlier than I usually do (yawn...). Part of me is actually scared of going to the new gym, slipping on the ice and pushing myself to get up earlier. What if I embarrass myself? Or fail in some way? Big-freaking-deal. I just have to remind myself that I fail at things every day. And I learn from them. Time to put my big-girl pants on and face the world. Bonus! Just imagining how proud of myself I'll be at the end of the week is a kick in the pants. Let's do this. 

Positivity: I tend to get a bit negative when things don't go my way. If I have a bad workout, eat something I shouldn't or mess up a work, I usually beat myself up for the rest of the night and into the next day. This internal assault has got to stop, but I think it is going to take baby steps to get there. Nobody is perfect. Especially Kelly Ann Knutson. We know this. If something gets screwed up, I screw up or whatever, stay positive. Stay focused on this week's goals and tell that inner negative voice to, "shut the hell up."

Progress: Remember the big-girls pants talk from above? At the end of this week, I want to metaphorically remove those and do a little happy dance reminiscent of my five-year-old self in celebration of how good I did this week. I want Sunday night to roll around and find myself grinning ear-to-ear in contentment. Happy with all I created this week, the progress I've made and the goals I accomplished. Every good decision made this week is progress. And progress is slow, but so, so-freaking-worth it. 

Workout Schedule (to be adhered to religiously):

Monday: 6:30AM Short Run (2-4 Miles, Half-Marathon Training)

Tuesday: 5:15AM Strength Class (45 Minutes)

Wednesday: 6:30AM Short Run (2-4 Miles, Half-Marathon Training)

Thursday: 5:15AM Spin Class (45 Minutes)

Friday: 6AM Elliptical OR Light Strength Training

Saturday: 8AM LONG RUN DAY (Half Marathon Training)

Sunday: 9AM Stretching & Yoga

The End of Fifteen

Family. Friends. Vacation. And selfies. Pretty much sums up my life. #2015bestnine

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As the year draws to a close, I, like more people, will begin planning for the new year with big lists of to-dos, both personal and professional. Whether they be big goals (start this blog...) or small goals (do a better job with the ironing), they are all important in some shape of form. Important enough to end up on a New Year's Resolution list. And therefore, they have merit and should be taken seriously. Obviously, there is a reason why I think it is important that I spend a few minutes of my morning ironing diligently. And this blog should serve some purpose other than rambling. It should be a place where I can visibly track my year, keep abreast of my resolutions and hold myself accountable. Like the ironing, it will be easy to see if I am keeping up on things. Do I appear slovenly today? Did I post on the blog today/this week?

So, here goes nothing. My 2016 Resolutions. In no particular order. Some loftier than others. Some a bit too simple maybe. All important in their own way.

1. Be outside more. Try not to come home every day and sit in front of my computer and/or the TV. Plan activities (especially during the cold months) that will have me (and Melvin!) out and about. Enjoying friends, family and not the comfy, comfy couch.

2. Fill my early mornings with purpose. As an early riser, I want to do more with my precious morning hours than lay in bed and bury myself in my iPad. Meditate! Workout consistently (more later). Practice yoga. Go for a walk. Work from home so I can be done earlier. Make a healthy breakfast. So many options, the morning is my oyster. Ha. Ha.

3. Invest my evening free time in cooking. Learning how to bake, cook and prepare well. I am a terrible cook and a very picky eater. Not a good combination when my health, wellbeing and weight need to be the central focus. I need to figure out what I like and how to best prepare food. Try to cook 2-3 times each week.

4. Start contributing to this blog consistently. Lifestyle posts. Health and fitness. Design and photography. Workouts. Eating. Fashion. Whatever is important to me, you will find it here.

5. Run (another) Half-Marathon. Duluth, Mn June 18th, 2016. Already registered and started (pathetically) training. Every day that I have a bad run because I am so out of shape, I just have to think, "this is better than yesterday, yesterday I was probably on the couch." I want to use a combination of body weight exercises using circuit/HIIT training, interval running, and hiking to get in better shape than I was for my first half-marathon (last year).

6. Learn how to better taylor, create and sew clothes. I have a whole Pinterest board of things I want to try. I just need to go for it. And document my progress here, of course. 

7. Start using my D Mark-II more often. It is sitting in my closet alone, sad and probably with a dead battery.. I could use it to document my DIY efforts, keep track of my design projects or even  take it out on a photo shoot and stretch my creative juices.

8. Learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. I understand as a twenty-something, single white girl that grew up in the age of photoshop and paper-thin models, I am socially and probably genetically wired to hate my body. I think that is sad and pathetic. This is the only body I will ever have. I need to figure out a way to take better care of it (eating, exercise) and love it.

Cheers to a Happy New Year!