Weekly Goals: Consistency, Positivity & Progress

Winter is pretty sometimes. Cold and absolutely shitty, but also kinda pretty. #imapoetandididntevenknowit

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Week one of this crazy new year. Well, the beginning of week three technically... I've been a bit off, traveling for week and what not, so I'm already a little behind on the game. Never fear, this week's goals will (hopefully!) combat my earlier bouts of procrastination and help start this year off on the right foot. 

Consistency: I've made a workout schedule (included below). My first goal this week is to stick to it diligently. It involves some winter running (slippery!), a few trips to my new gym (scary!) and working out a bit earlier than I usually do (yawn...). Part of me is actually scared of going to the new gym, slipping on the ice and pushing myself to get up earlier. What if I embarrass myself? Or fail in some way? Big-freaking-deal. I just have to remind myself that I fail at things every day. And I learn from them. Time to put my big-girl pants on and face the world. Bonus! Just imagining how proud of myself I'll be at the end of the week is a kick in the pants. Let's do this. 

Positivity: I tend to get a bit negative when things don't go my way. If I have a bad workout, eat something I shouldn't or mess up a work, I usually beat myself up for the rest of the night and into the next day. This internal assault has got to stop, but I think it is going to take baby steps to get there. Nobody is perfect. Especially Kelly Ann Knutson. We know this. If something gets screwed up, I screw up or whatever, stay positive. Stay focused on this week's goals and tell that inner negative voice to, "shut the hell up."

Progress: Remember the big-girls pants talk from above? At the end of this week, I want to metaphorically remove those and do a little happy dance reminiscent of my five-year-old self in celebration of how good I did this week. I want Sunday night to roll around and find myself grinning ear-to-ear in contentment. Happy with all I created this week, the progress I've made and the goals I accomplished. Every good decision made this week is progress. And progress is slow, but so, so-freaking-worth it. 

Workout Schedule (to be adhered to religiously):

Monday: 6:30AM Short Run (2-4 Miles, Half-Marathon Training)

Tuesday: 5:15AM Strength Class (45 Minutes)

Wednesday: 6:30AM Short Run (2-4 Miles, Half-Marathon Training)

Thursday: 5:15AM Spin Class (45 Minutes)

Friday: 6AM Elliptical OR Light Strength Training

Saturday: 8AM LONG RUN DAY (Half Marathon Training)

Sunday: 9AM Stretching & Yoga